sexta-feira, 11 de fevereiro de 2011

Give me something useful! Please! Just kidding

          Even though I always try to stop making blogs, every now and then I get a chance to start a new one. Anyway, this one I started as a homework for my new English class and I think I'm going to enjoy it XD. Well, today I felt a little (a little?) stupid and new at English because we were studying lots of expressions that doesn't mean't anything to me, they couldn't "talk" to me. The words were there, I could understand them, but I just couldn't get the meaning of those ones.
          Except for that part, the class as very much fun: the students got to know each other better, Henrick (our teacher) talked a lot (even though we didn't clap anytime), we learned how to write an article (uhul! finally something useful haha XD) and we got a lot of information about how we could study better for the exam we are going to take.
          It seems I didn't say anything about the course and the test. The class is actually a preparatory course for the Cambridge Advanced Exam (CAE). This is a test the measures our proeficiency at advanced English. There are 5 parts (papers if you will) of the exam: reading, writing, use of English, listening and speaking. I really expect to get a very good grade in it (A or B, at least) and for that I'm going to work hard. And this promise I'm do going to deliver.
          By the end of the class, happened the worst moment of all the three hours we spent there (no, it isn't the end of the class). I t started raining, and was probably the worst rain I've seen lately. It couldn't have to be that bad, you may be thinking. Well, I've got stuck inside the school for about one hour before I could catch a bus without getting VERY wet. And the traffic? God, you chose a damn bad day to decide to water your plants...
          Well, I better get going, there is a 30km bike ride waiting for me. CYA

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