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Weekly Cultural Review - True Grit

After Frank Ross is murdered in October 1880 by his hired hand, Tom Chaney, Ross' 14-year-old daughter Mattie hires the aging U.S. Marshal Reuben "Rooster" J. Cogburn Mattie has heard that, despite his vices and missing eye, Cogburn has "true grit". She gives Rooster a down payment to track down Chaney, who has taken up with "Lucky" Ned Pepper, a gang leader whom Rooster once shot in a gunfight.
Is this movie the resurrection of an old cliché? Will it bring back some genres that used to make a lot of money some decades ago? Or is it a critical view about how much has changed in the modern times? It doesn’t really matter since True Grit is one of the best movies released lately (even though it is a remake).
Anyone could say that Wild West movies are out nowadays and that means the movie is probably mediocre. It is a bad mistake because this film edges the perfection. The plot is amazingly surprising and touching. I can’t even say anything about the photography: just stunning.  The actors were just perfect too:  Jeff Bridges as an old and cruel drunk U.S. Marshal, Hailee Steinfield exceedingly well as a stubborn teenager that turns up as an extremely courageous woman and Matt Damon as the ‘stranger’ that ends helping everyone out.
The film seems to bring back an old formula that worked out very well in the past: the Old West; The Good Guys X The Bad Guys. This time, however, the good guys aren’t that good; they fight, insult and even shoot each other. Above all that, there is another innovation on this Wild West Movie: a woman as the main character.
The movie is very interesting if you start thinking about the message it tries to bring up and how the director managed to do that. Instead of an already known philosophic phrase that is repeated over and over again during the exhibit, the director used the characters very well in his favor. Most of the characters presented on the film are of strong beliefs and follow them. The director used that characteristic to expose a problem that’s getting bigger and bigger as the time pass by: the distortion of values and the lack of strong beliefs.
Undoubtedly, if some moviemakers stopped to watch this film over and over, they certainly would learn something about cinema. The Coen brothers did a great job overcoming my expectation about the movie.  The production by Steven Spielberg made sure why Spielberg is one of the greatest names in the cinema world.
The rhythm of the story is more regular than a Swiss clock, and it doesn’t make the film boring. When you watch that movie you want to stand up and help the good guys to find the bandit because you can’t just stay sit still and just watch, it is too exciting. The statistics of the movie prove that: no one yawned during any exhibition of the film, worldwide.

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